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Why you should

Why you should

Why you should do yoga as a man.
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All About Yoga

All About Yoga

With so many types of yoga to choose from which are discribed with words you have never heard or seen.. how does one make sense of it all?
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What you need

What you need

So you have some information and you are ready to take on your first class: What should you wear and what should you bring?
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Where to go:

Where to go:

Hot spots for Yoga
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The 5 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sex Life

by: Steph Auteri on May 28, 2013

People tend to fixate on very specific mental images when it comes to yoga and sex. They hear Yoga Sutra and think Kama Sutra. They remember that story they once read about the Orgasmic Meditation (OM) movement or naked yoga or yogasms. They picture the cheesy movie scenes where men watch a sex video and one of them drools, “wow, she must do yoga!” They envision Sting and Tantric sex…couples having intercourse while staring deeply into each other’s eyes, achieving levitation right before they experience multiple, simultaneous, universe-altering orgasms.

Or something like that.

I have never experienced simultaneous orgasm. And the closest I’ve ever come to levitation is that time I went into a headstand in yoga class, fell over, and magically landed in king pigeon pose. But I can share with you five ways in which yoga can improve your sex life.

1. Flexibility. When I first started yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes in a forward fold. Now, when I’m in bed, I can hug my leg to my chest and kiss my thigh (which makes it easy for my husband to sling my leg up and over his shoulder in order to achieve deeper penetration during intercourse…I love the extra stimulation to my cervix). If you’d like to achieve this increased flexibility, go to yoga. Or develop a home yoga practice that focuses especially on hip openers, pelvis openers, and groin stretchers.


2. Mula Bandha. A well-balanced yoga practice regularly incorporates strength-building poses that require you work your mula bandha. Basically, as you do your standing poses — warrior poses and lunges and balancing poses that force you to support your own body weight while contorting this way and that — you end up contracting the muscle between your sphincter muscle and the muscle that controls urination. Yes, this is the yogic version of what is commonly referred to as “exercising your kegels.” And when you exercise your kegels, you can have stronger, more intense orgasms (as can your partner, if you squeeze him/her).

3. Yogasms. And speaking of orgasms, I’ve found that there is something to all the yogasm hullabaloo that popped up in the media last year. In addition to the stimulation that occurs to your nether regions when you work your mula bandha, and the improved orgasms that can occur from working that area, yoga helps you build body awareness in a way that — at least for me — has helped with my arousal levels. I’m not going to promise that you’ll be able to think yourself off (though that’s a definite possibility). I will say, however, that — at the very least — you may be able to think your way into extreme horniness.


4. Mental Health. I don’t know about you but, when I’m feeling angry with someone, I’m less likely to have sex with them. Unfortunately, when I was struggling with chronic depression and anxiety, I was angry a lot more often. Once I began practicing yoga, I became a lot less crazypants, which was a boon to my marriage. This is what I mean when I say that yoga is about a lot more than just the physical benefits. Between the poses, the breathing exercises, and the meditation, yoga can make you a lot more balanced. Which is generally code for: more sex!

5. Partner Yoga. As you can see from the points above, your partner doesn’t have to do yoga with you in order for your sex life to benefit. But if you’re open to trying something a little bit different as a means of improving intimacy in your relationship, try partner yoga. It necessitates closeness and builds trust. And working out together can boost endorphins. If your partner needs a little extra encouragement, just show them this video. Hot.

5 Ways Yoga Makes Sex Better

Need another reason to hit the mat? In addition to boosting athletic performance, practicing yoga can make sex more satisfying.
By: Maggie Young


Yoga is more than a path to Zen. In fact, it could be a path to the “big O” as well. Simply put, a regular practice can prime you for an awesome sex life. Need some convincing? How About We rounded up the top five ways yoga can help you out in bed.

A few reasons to hit the mat:
-You will be more flexible. Enough said.
-Yoga lowers stress and anxiety levels, which means you’ll be in the mood more often and less likely to argue with your significant other.

Study: Short Yoga Sessions Boost Brain Power

The benefits of yoga stretch beyond injury prevention and stress reduction. A 20-minute mat session also makes your brain work better, according to new research. By: Shawn Radcliffe


Your yoga practice may be doing more for your body than combatting work stress and giving your muscles a good stretch between strength workouts. New research from the University of Illinois suggests that short bouts of yoga may also make your brain work better.

In the study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 30 college students were asked to complete two cognitive exercises that involved identifying shapes on a computer screen. The first time through, the participants conducted the experiment without working out beforehand; the second time, they walked or jogged on a treadmill for 20 minutes before doing the exercise; and the third time they preceded the exercise with a 20-minute hatha yoga session that included yoga poses, seated meditation, and deep breathing.

Researchers found that yoga outperformed both aerobic exercise and no exercise when it came to keeping the students sharp. The single 20-minute bout of yoga improved their focus and helped them process information faster and more accurately than they did without it. Plus, its brain benefits kicked in more quickly than compared with cardio—they students got a cognitive boost about 30 minutes after completing their last pose.

So, does that mean it’s time to completely abandon your running shoes for a sticky mat? Probably not. Previous research has shown that cardio is also good for the brain. Still, yoga has a leg up (literally) on a sweaty run. In addition to scaling back stress and anxiety (which in turn improves brain function), yoga keeps your mind focused on a single task—a technique you can easily transfer to other areas of your life.

So, if you’ve got a big work presentation on tap for this afternoon, use your lunch break to squeeze in a short yoga class instead of zoning out on the treadmill.

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